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Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a condominium, what do I own?

At Hilltop you own the living space enclosed by the walls and ceilings.  Your cluster corporation owns the building itself and is responsible for maintaining the roofs and walls, both exterior and interior. You also have exclusive use of designated parts of the common area, e.g., garage, patio, attic storage area, specifically assigned to your unit and are known as a "limited common area". The remaining grounds are common property for the benefit of all.

If I buy a condominium, what are my responsibilities?

Financially, you will be responsible for paying the assessments voted by the community and also for any individual work orders. Socially, you will be responsible for being a good neighbor, following the various rules developed for the good of the community. You will need to recognize that in opting for the convenience of community living you are giving up the ability to have things just your own way to the degree you might with a private dwelling.

What is the financial status of Hilltop?

​We have a strong budget position and management process to ensure proper control of the budgeted funds.  We have no outstanding debt. Our policy has been to plan ahead so all capital needs such as re-roofing and re-paving have been done without special assessments.

Do I have to plow and mow or are those services provided? 

Snow plowing and lawn mowing, shrub pruning, and lots of other services are provided by the association.  For a list of these services here.

Does Hilltop provide assisted-living services?

No. Hilltop is not an assisted living community.  Arrangement for such services is the individual’s responsibility.

Are units handicap-accessible?

The units, all built in the 1970s, were not built for handicap accessibility. While some units can be accessible, others cannot. A buyer should consider his or her needs when considering a unit. No alterations to make a unit accessible may be made without prior approval of the HPCA Board of Directors.

Can I put an addition on my unit?

Probably not. Stringent regulations now govern requests to build additions. No request has been approved in the last decade. No alterations may be made to the structure of a building without prior approval of the Board of Directors and nothing may be constructed outside the building without such approval.

Are there social gatherings?

Yes, a wide variety, from all-Hilltop parties, to cluster gatherings, to groups organized around a specific interest such as the Book Club or the “Hookers Group” for rug hookers, quilters, knitters and friends..  It is easy to start your own.

Do I have to insure my building?

Hilltop Place Condominium Association buys insurance to cover the buildings. Owners are responsible for insuring their own possessions.

Where do I park?

Almost all units have only single car garages. Some units have a short space in front of their garage door where a second car may be parked temporarily. No units are suitable for residents with more than two vehicles

Can I get help with common household repairs?

Plumbing, electrical, and similar household repairs can be requested on a “work order”. Such work must be paid for by the owner. Other common tasks are awning installation, screen repairs, and air conditioner installation and removal.

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